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Fill out the form below to make your request for a 2020 Hero.

Note: priority will be given to heroes based on the message you share, the requested location, and schedule availability. We currently aren’t able to fulfill requests that are outside the Central Ohio area.

Your nominee

Curbside Concerts isn’t just “live music on demand”... it's meant to be a medium for you to reach out and send a delightful experience to someone who has done extraordinary things in a very difficult year. Our musicians do their best to tailor their performances to each nominee... help us get to know yours.

Your message

During their performance, our artist will share that this concert was sent by you and will read what you type below. Please write a heartfelt message to your nominee so our artist can relay your kindness, voice and well-wishes (e.g. "I appreciate you because" or "I am thinking about you and the time we...”)

The concert

While we can’t guarantee a specific time, date or musician, if you give us some details about what could make this performance extra special, we’ll do our best to make it happen. We have a long list of outstanding requests and we do not schedule in order of receipt but rather by location.

Which type of music would your nominee enjoy hearing at their Curbside Concert? (please check all that apply):

Although we will do our best, we can’t promise we’ll be able to get an artist who can play to your exact requests.

The location

We’ll pull up in a pick-up and will be following all social distancing guidelines. Given that, Curbside Concerts are best held at homes / apartments / neighborhoods where your nominee can safely enjoy the show from a patio, yard, driveway, side street, balcony or shared outdoor common space. If that is not possible, please reconsider your request (don’t worry about the neighbors... odds are, they’ll join in on the fun :-) ).

A little bit about you

Our goal is to keep you as up-to-date as possible about when the concert will happen, so you can choose how to let your nominee know (e.g. set it up as a surprise, ensure they’ll be at home, or tell some of the neighbors in advance).

Getting in touch

While on our route, we'll call or text ahead when we're on our way (about 15 to 45 minutes before we arrive).

By requesting a concert, I agree to the following disclaimer.

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