Hey Columbus,

Know an older person in need of some love and connection right now?

Send a live curbside concert to someone you care about.

For free!

Stylized drawing of a man with guitar. Stylized drawing of a woman with a microphone. Styled drawing of a woman with a guitar.

We get it. Being quarantined is hard...

But that doesn't mean we have to miss out on all the joys in life. A lot of us are joining zoom concerts and Facebook Live events to be social on the internet. But our older and vulnerable populations – those who may not be as connected digitally – are both most at risk for this virus and most isolated, too.

That's where we come in.

We’re here to help you safely reach out and connect with older friends or family members you care about. Through your request, we'll bring a musical performance to the curbside of their home in the Columbus area. It’s our experience that a little gesture from you combined with some great live music can really bring some joy... and help them temporarily forget about the grave state of the world.


Stories of hope, love, and cheer

A man plays guitar from the bed of a pickup truck parked in a driveway, while a woman records it on her phone. In the background, other people from the neighborhood stand in their lawns observing the performance.'"

"This is from your daughter:

Mom, we know how hard it is to be alone but we wanted you to be safe. We hope this song brightens your day. We love you!"

See a concert in action

How curbside concerts work

Make a request

Pick an older nominee in the Columbus area and write a heartfelt message that will be read to them during the show

We book a local artist

We organize requests together in short 3-4 hour routes and book one of Columbus’s best for a mini curbside-to-curbside tour

They play for your loved ones

Artists arrive ready to relay your kindness and good wishes with a personalized performance that can be enjoyed from the safety of their yard, porch or driveway

Concepted, organized and performed with love

This idea came to be through a human-centered design process led by The Columbus Foundation and Can’t Stop Columbus, an initiative of Smart Columbus. The Columbus City Council, Greater Columbus Arts Council and Doug and Monica Kridler via the Streetlight Guild have provided the funding to pay for local artists to play for you. The concerts will come to you in a pick-up truck provided by Ricart Automotive. The reservation and scheduling platform has been developed pro-bono by Test Double. Social media management is being handled through pro-bono support from Futurety.

Can’t Stop Columbus Volunteers lead the coordination, communications and operations support to make this all possible with support from Streetlight Guild, the Columbus Music Commission, and What Productions.

Ready to send a song to a loved one?

Made with 💜 by volunteers as part of Can't Stop Columbus in Columbus, Ohio.